TEE: Small Adjustments Make A Big Difference

As we always emphasize to our new customer, not one store setup is like the other. Some are more complex than others. Some go without complications. For many, we are sure to adapt and find what best fits their needs. Others find in Enlite 10 everything they were looking for and more. 

Cloud-based POS: The Glue That Holds Your Business Together

A single cash register would have once been regarded as the pinnacle of point-of-sale (POS) technology. A simple register is now regarded as the absolute minimum, and POS systems have become crucial to running a retail or dry cleaning operation. Users of current POS solutions may process payments and conduct daily tasks like managing employee payroll. Data may be updated in real-time from various places with cloud-based POS software, and it can even provide manual and automated end-of-day reports.

Layout Creation: One of the Favorite Tools to Make Your Life Easier

This month’s Enlite Experience is from one of our agent’s point of view, and it’s dedicated to how to customize the invoice detail screen to best fit our customers’ needs. As our agent clearly says, “the most simple yet complex part” of her experience as the person who, based on little information gotten during the setup process, translates what seems to be pretty basic data into a functional, efficient, seamless experience for employees, managers and store owners alike, while they detail order after order as part of their day-to-day tasks. 

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