When it comes to setting up a new store and implementing a new point of sale (POS) system, the experience can often be intimidating. Enlite POS, on the other hand, wants to minimize these worries and give its clients an easy transition. In this article, we will examine a customer’s experience with Enlite POS, emphasizing their happiness with the setup procedure, import functionality, effective features, and the role played by the committed agents in guaranteeing a simple transition to the new system.

1. Was the process the agent used to set up your new store satisfactory?:

Yes, the process of setting up was very easy, and the training videos helped to understand the system more.

This highlights Enlite POS’s commitment to user-friendly onboarding, ensuring that customers can quickly grasp the necessary steps to get their store up and running smoothly.

2. Was it straightforward and easy to understand the import process (contacts and prices)?

A: Yes, we sent them our contacts and prices, and everything was all set up and ready to use.

This streamlined import functionality demonstrates Enlite POS’s dedication to simplifying the transition process for its customers.

3. Which Enlite feature is most efficient for your process?

A: Being able to contact support through phone, email, and text pictures. I love that agents are always there to answer questions and are willing to take the time to figure things out.

This way of communicating undoubtedly provides peace of mind and ensures that customers have access to immediate assistance whenever they need it.

4. What role did the agent play in the process of adjusting to a new system, and how was it going?

A: The agents helped us with any questions or concerns about the system. Also, they created a custom invoice to adhere to our needs. The system is easy to use and is working great!

The customer commended the ease of use of the Enlite POS system and expressed their satisfaction, highlighting that it is working flawlessly for their store.

We are very proud to offer our customers a simple way to import all their information, as well as making them feel confident that we will be there, guiding them step by step until they have complete system management, and even after having it, our agents are always at their service to help them with any situation.

If you are planning on changing your POS system, contact us, and we will guide you through it.