About Us

Dark is a software company that develops the best
products for small and medium-sized businesses in
the retail, dry cleaning and hospitality industry.

Dark was created in 2015, however, its first legacy
software, Enlite, has been running for over 20 years,
becoming one of the best cloud-based software for
dry cleaners in the market.

We create affordable, reliable, and easy to use
software for diverse industries in more than 24

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Our Manifesto

At Dark, our main priority is to satisfy our clients
with ongoing and valuable software solutions.
Quality is our motto, delivering a great tool for your
business is our main job.


The Dark impact on our customers


"if someone would ask me: Which software should I use? I would definitely recommend Enlite, because of its responsiveness, which is what a dry cleaner needs."


"The team is always looking for ways to customize the software in ways that will benefit our processes. It is hard to think of another company that spends as much time trying to make its product better for its customers."


"Our business is not like most dry cleaners. Enlite has been able to listen to our needs and customize a system that is efficient for our everyday use."

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