Your success is our success!

Whenever a customer comes to us with very specific needs, there is always the excitement to come up with a creative, functional solution that improves not only their experience, but the one of as many other cleaners as possible. 

Going through the process of identifying those voids that are a missing piece on the big puzzle of The Enlite Experience is always a challenge we are happy to take. 

When our customers presented us the need for Drivers to be able to to take pre-payments and apply promotions at the moment of pick-up, we understood that feature needed to come with an additional one: the ability to detail the other from their end.

As with every decision made, the team weighed the benefits vs the risks and opted to take on this interesting task.

The solution: we built the same menu that we display for Enlite Mobile (customer app) on Enlite Routes (driver-facing app), giving also the ability for the driver to select a drop date, detail their order, apply promotions and add special instructions. This way, with a total on the new order, the driver is ready to take a pre-payment and alleviate the workload of employees at the store, who won’t need to detail the order as it arrives at the store. 

The results? A successful pick up and delivery process that allows this Multi-Store Company to provide the best service that fits not only the cleaner and their final customers’ needs, but also works for the employees benefit and securing a payment before an order is processed. 

Thank you for your trust!

We are in this together!

If you are interested in giving this feature a try, please make sure you contact us at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to assist you.