A dear customer from New Orleans, Louisiana, is the protagonist of this month’s The Enlite Experience. 

With one location but a very specific process, we’ve been able to develop some interesting tools for him to make his day-to-day a very productive one. 

When we reached out to them, we were surprised to see how much they appreciate even the smallest features in the system, those that would normally go unnoticed.

From very small to important big changes and adjustments, this NOLA dry cleaner has built a system most fitted to their needs, and we are glad we were there to help!

Find out about their favorite, most beneficial functionalities and what they are hoping to use in the near  future:

Which of the Enlite features do you think benefits your business the most?

Text messages to customers when their orders are completed. We have had customers drop off early in the morning and come in the afternoon for pick up because they have received a text. 

What is your team’s favorite feature about Enlite?

We like being able to have access to the software anywhere. We also appreciate how Enlite took the time to customize the different up charges into titles. We also like how you are able to find a customer by entering the last four digits of their phone number. The recall button is also very useful. 

Is there any Enlite feature you’re not yet using, but are excited about using in the future?

The Enlite Mobile apps for routing, pick up, and delivery. 

How satisfied are you with the service offered by the Dark Team?

We are very happy with the service! We had a few hiccups along the way but with the suggestions, we were able to resolve them quickly.

How has your experience with the Enlite Team been, when it comes to adapting the system to fit your needs?

“Our business is not like most dry cleaners. Enlite has been able to listen to our needs and customize a system that is efficient for our everyday use.” 

As always, please contact [email protected] if any questions come up, or if you’d like to set up a private session to discuss customization for your business.