2021 has been a year full of challenges, some easier to overcome than others.

Fortunately, there has been a constant for all of our teams, and that is the continuous support we’ve received from our customers throughout the year thanks to The Enlite Experience section, satisfaction surveys and spontaneous feedback sent our way.

We are now looking back at those encouraging, positive experiences we’ve shared month after month and cannot be more thankful for all the special partnerships that have taken place during 2021.

Your feedback makes our products better and we couldn’t have been able to do what we love to do without it.

Here is a little recap of some of the great answers we got from different customers during 2021.


When asked about the impact the Dark Team has had on making things easier for one of our biggest customers, they said:

“As our company continues to learn about the necessary features in a Point of Sale, the DARK team continues to learn about us. The individuals that help our company every week have learned what our needs are, and are becoming part of our team. The team at DARK wants to learn and understand our company, which makes it easier not only for [our business] but DARK as well.”

Regardless of the size of your business, our goal is to support everyone with the same level of commitment and dedication. A 2 stores owner shared:

“The Dark Team is always quick to respond to all of your questions and needs. I have never known a company to be as responsive as they are. It certainly helps my business move ahead more rapidly. A huge thank you to the entire Dark Team!!!!!”


Learning about the favorite Enlite10 features from our customers and their teams is always so insightful. It re-confirms how the system adapts to many different needs and processes, provides information on how many of those are recurrent across customers, and it also works as an invitation for others to check out functionalities they are not yet using or even aware they exist.

One of the most common favorites is a very simple, but a valuable one. In one of the interviews, a dear customer put it this way:

“The most beneficial feature to us has been the message notifications to our customers, notifying them on their order status which they all love.”

Another one comes from a customer with 30 locations and much more complex operation:

“One of our dreams was to have everything within the same platform. Our POS, our mobile app and lockers. Finally, it is going to become true. Integrating lockers to the same platform will allow customers to interact with our store all in only one app and we will be able to measure how our customers shift between stores, lockers or home delivery. This will allow us to offer more personalized services to our customers.”

The most valuable takeaway from these two different answers is the importance given by business owners to the final customers, to make their experience seamless and enriched in any possible way. And we are here to help make that happen.


Our team has a clear goal: making your day-to-day operations easier. And we understand the responsibility that comes with that purpose. That’s why this message stood out to us:

“We couldn’t be happier with the Dark Team. They are friendly, knowledgeable, and responsive. What else could you ask for in a business partner?! Our businesses would not be in the same place (or maybe even still operating) without them. Our sincere thanks!!”

For these comments, and all your great feedback we can not say anything else other than THANK YOU! We’re very grateful for your trust in us and for becoming part of the DARK Family.

We take this opportunity to send everyone the best wishes this Holiday Season with the promise to continue working in achieving new and better things in 2022!