One of our most recent activations has been a delight to work with. Even before signing with Dark, the communication has been amazing. 

Our sales and support team worked alongside them to go through rounds of Q&A, making sure Enlite was going to provide solutions to all of their needs. 

This helped both their management and our teams understand the requirements, the necessary application of already existing settings, and the collaboration of our development team. 

Once all the elements were discussed, and agreed on, and they became officially our customers, everyone got to work on seamless activation that resulted in SUCCESS.

We interviewed the customer, and this is what their management team said about the whole experience:

How does the POS system comply with your needs?

It is working great. Any concerns or customizations you all addressed greatly.

Are you satisfied with this product?


From 1 to 5, how do you rate the Dark support team that has assisted you through this setup process?

  1. Outstanding

Are you thoroughly familiar with the system or do you need any further training?

I’m familiar.

Do you have any comments that will help us improve either the setup process, the learning curve, or the product itself?

SEAMLESS integration!!!! 

A couple of things. 1. When on the customer, we should be able to go to the customer detail in any area of the customer. Not just at the check-in. Frequently looking at history, notes, etc needs to be looked at “quickly” without putting it on hold, leaving, etc. 2. The app syncs with an email - it would also be great if it synced with the cell number so we don’t run the risk of duplicating and not always having to do a merge. 3. The history should be a tab within the customer area like the tabs along the side where check-in is. It is a “frequent” tab.

All their additional requests have been sent to be reviewed and considered for future versions and we’ll inform the customer once we have news about them.