Every month, working on the Enlite Experience section has been a very special opportunity for our team to receive important feedback from our customers. 

And this month was no different. On this occasion, we had the pleasure to talk to one of our customers in Canada, with a very dynamic multi-store firm.

We can honestly say that this Dry-cleaning business has tried and used most of Enlite’s biggest features, functionalities, and integrations, and working along with their team in building this big geared operation has had a great impact on our company’s growth. 

Here, they share some thoughts about their experience with the system and the Dark team:

1) How does the POS system comply with your needs? 

Having the ability to be automated and efficient as much as possible.

2) Which one do you think is the feature that boosts your business the most and why? 

Our customers getting text messages when their orders are ready and having the ability to run customized reports.

3) How satisfied are you with the setup process and your relationship with the Dark agent(s) that assisted you across it? 

Appreciate the convenience and the simplicity of being able to connect with support via email and remote.  I feel like the relationship between our company and the Dark agents is good.

4) Is there any Enlite feature you’re not yet using, but are excited about using in the future? 

I’m not entirely sure if there are features that we are missing out on that could be beneficial. We are in the final stages of a customized app and lockers.