This month’s Enlite Experience is from one of our agent’s point of view, and it’s dedicated to how to customize the invoice detail screen to best fit our customers’ needs. As our agent clearly says, “the most simple yet complex part” of her experience as the person who, based on little information gotten during the setup process, translates what seems to be pretty basic data into a functional, efficient, seamless experience for employees, managers and store owners alike, while they detail order after order as part of their day-to-day tasks. 

*Layout designed for a Cleaner serving different Hotel accounts: G- Guests, C-Corporate, E-Employees.*

Here is how the layout creation was explained:

People have different ways of familiarizing themselves with different things, whether it is with the place, training, work, or process. There are those people who tend to learn and familiarize themselves with things easily by going VISUAL.

Layout designed for a Laundromat/Cafeteria

In our line of business, for me, the most simple yet complex part of the setup process is creating the layout for our customers. Not all of our customers will just be satisfied with the default layout we provide them. As part of the support team, we like to make sure that we are able to provide the best layout for our clients because that is the first thing that they see when they create invoices for their customers and probably the most used section of Enlite. 

It is very important that we collaborate with our clients and know what they really need to see and how they would like to see it. What are the most used categories, how many categories they have (we recommend no more than 36), and how many items per category they have (the suggestion is no more than 9). The goal is to make the order detailing experience the most efficient, and less time-consuming possible, by avoiding the need to scroll as items are entered in the order. 

Layout designed for a Laundromat Shop

We always have to remind our customers that there’s no permanent layout and, sometimes, as time goes by, our clients will realize improvements can be made and will request a change depending on their order detailing flow. 

Once we provide our customers the best layout that they can work with, especially one they will be satisfied with, they can easily work and manage their business, adding to all the little things that will make their venture successful. 

Layout designed for a Dry Cleaner following exact instructions from the owner

If you require a change to your layout or are thinking of ways to improve your employees’ experience as they detail orders, please contact [email protected] and let the agents help make the necessary adjustments.