We love hearing from you!

Receiving your feedback is one of the most valuable parts of every interaction we get with our customers. 

It allows us to improve, reinforce, fix or change our service, and most importantly it helps us learn about you. Your needs and your expectations and in return, as a team, we set and adjust our own. 

As a way of helping us do that, we are now offering a simpler, quicker, to-the-point satisfaction survey at the end of each “resolved” interaction with you. 

Starting this month, when a ticket is closed, you will find this new version of our Ticket Satisfaction Survey at the end of the email:

After the agent’s signature, you will have an option to rate their reply, with 3 different options:

It was Awesome

It was OK

It was Bad

When you click on the preferred option, a new tab will be open where you’ll be able to confirm your rating and include additional comments. 

When you’re ready, click on Send Rating. 

Let us hear from you.