The Enlite Experience has always been a space for our customers to share their positive experiences with our Company, Teams, and Products. 

Month after month, reaching out to individual customers, and inviting them to participate in this section has been a highlight of every newsletter preparation. Getting those encouraging messages and constructive criticism is always something we take very seriously and use for the improvement of many areas of the Dark organization. 

This time around, we are shifting the perspective 180 degrees, and have decided to introduce these bits from our point of view. Don’t get us wrong! We are still going to be sharing our Customers’ Experiences while mixing them up with our own, most notable -whether big or small-ones. 

We hope you enjoy the ride!

The first one we are going to be talking about goes to a very special account (hard to say, when all of our accounts are), specifically because of the way it’s made all of our teams think outside the box. 

This account -dedicated mostly to Tailoring, Repair, and Alterations- uses Enlite literally backward. You read that right! Their whole process goes backward from your regular cleaning + Tailoring orders, and that has forced the process to be fully reconsidered from a user’s point of view and a developer’s one. 

But not only was the whole process re-constructed, but settings also enabled, codes developed, and everything technically evaluated and thought through. Their own experience with their final customer had to completely be taken into consideration. 

In the many scenarios that had to be put to the test, so much coding, and trial and error played a huge part, all with the goal of providing the best experience to final customers, stores, and future tailoring shops that may benefit from these features. 

Surprisingly, one of the most important changes we made to enhance their experience was the option to have more than one ON HOLD order at a time. Something that sounds so simple, but has required many hours from our development team to complete. We are working on the final touches, but even after the initial tests with the customer we received a very heart-warming review: “We’ve done a lot, but this takes the cake!”.

And this is how we roll! We want to make you happy. Your success is our success!  Share your needs with our Support team. We’ll evaluate and consider all the options with our Development team. Some cases may be harder to crack than others, and there may be things that can not be done at the moment from a technical side, but we’ll be excited to provide you with workarounds and take your requests, suggestions, and feedback into account for future versions of our products. 

If you have any questions or cases you want to discuss in this regard, please feel free to contact [email protected], for an assessment of your case.