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Marketing Has Never Been this

Turn your average customer into a loyal customer
for years to come.


Manage Successful
Loyalty Programs

Our loyalty platform allows you to choose
the best rewards program for your

Points: Give points when customers
complete purchases at your dry cleaning

Visits: Show loyal customers the love by
giving them rewards when they visit your

Coupons and Promotions

Enlite offers a special promotions system that allows you to create coupons and deliver them right to your
customer’s smartphone. Entice customers to frequent your store with special promotions.

You can offer more points for higher dollars spent. You can even give your customers an incentive for
visiting your store. With the right promotions, your customers could spend 20% more per visit on average.

Listen to What Customers Have to Say

Effective marketing consists on more of than one-way communication. Thanks to our “Customer
Suggestions” box, you can receive direct feedback from your customers, because knowing what they think
about your business is crucial to your long-term success.

SMS and Email Marketing

Use email and SMS to keep your customers connected with your business.
Imagine if your customer hasn’t been back to your store for a month.
Wouldn’t it be great to send them a promotion to entice them to come back?
With Enlite you will be able reach your customer’s wherever they go.


Customers Insights

How do you know if your reward program
is successful? Is your campaign effective?

Gain a deeper understanding of your
client with an insight of your customer’s

Track customer activity and determine
which campaigns are performing the best.

Data will help you make better decisions
for your marketing efforts.

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The Enlite impact on our customers


"Software is self-explanatory. The support team is awesome."


"I have owned my dry cleaner for 15 years and this is the most user-friendly software I have had. When I researched different POS systems, this one definitely stood out from the rest."


"Great product, excellent customer service, always available to answer questions."

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