Create Dry Cleaner & Laundromat
Invoices Accurately and Quickly

Stop spending valuable time managing invoices.


Regular Pricing

Enlite allows you to quickly select from
various clothing categories, and easily add
up charges or details all from the same

Customized buttons and icons, all in one
intuitive layout will have your dry cleaner
operating at peak efficiency.

Custom Unit Pricing

Dry cleaners & Laundromats need the flexibility to bill items by a specified unit, such as pounds, pleats,
etc. The POS software allows you to define both the unit and unit price so your dry cleaner can effortlessly ring
up customers. The Enlite software allows you to tailor it to your workflow rather than adjusting your
operation to the software.


Manual Pricing

For those exceptions when the standard
items aren’t enough we offer Manual

Easily add and price custom items all from
the same intuitive screen your employees
already know.

Skyrocket your Business

Getting setup is fast and easy.


Heat Seal

Use Heat Seal barcodes to optimize your
operation. Painlessly register bar codes to
garment items and customers on the fly.

The Enlite software allows you to scan the
code and select the garment type it
belongs to all while ringing up your

Damage, Stains and Pictures

Quickly register damage or garment issues with Enlite. The software allows you to take multiple pictures
with your webcam or tablet and store them with your customer’s ticket.

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