As you may have noticed by now, one of our favorite things is hearing our customers’ feedback. Whether it is extremely successful or not, we look forward to getting customers’ opinions in order to get better, improve in every possible way, reinforce what we are doing well, but most importantly, make your customer experience through all of our processes an outstanding one. 

That’s why we are always in search of ways to find out more about your experience. 

And in this journey, we recently incorporated 3 new satisfaction surveys into our mix. One to evaluate the results of each 3 of our most important structural processes (internally called projects): 

  1. Full Store Setup
  2. Branded Apps and Apps Configuration
  3. Website Design 

These feedbacks are critical to our success and the success of our customers. That’s why when we receive responses like the ones you are about to read, we can’t help but be proud of the work we are doing, but don’t get us wrong!… This is all possible thanks to engaged, responsive customers like you, who are never shy to ask questions and work with us along the way, thankfully in the right direction. 

Here are some very satisfactory examples of what we have been receiving:

After completing their Store Setup, this customer from the State of New York, sent some rave reviews about his experience:

How does the POS system comply with your needs?

Dark POS, specifically Enlite is one of the leading and best POS for laundry and dry cleaning. 

I have had a great experience with the team who have guided me through each and every step of guiding and setting up my store. I was really intrigued by their fast response and demo where they allowed me to test their POS system. This allowed me to test their system thoroughly before making any commitment.

Their communication skills are superb! The quality of their service is justified by their monthly subscription fee. This POS has made my Pick up and Delivery system extremely efficient. I can automate and customize routes, inform customers via automated messaging, and optimize routes as per my needs!

In addition to that, the system can automatically generate receipts and email the copy to customers. I can generate multiple reports with hundreds of options as per my needs. This allows me to keep track of my sales, customers’ last orders, make a list of my top customers, and a lot more. In addition to all these benefits, the system is integrated with most of the payment processors, this allows me to charge my customers with a credit card on file safely and efficiently.

Another customer, in this case from Georgia, shared a very honest opinion about their newly launched Branded App project, regarding his experience and expectations:

Does the mobile app meet your expectations? Briefly explain how it will boost your Business.

It does! Not sure how it will boost our business… Honestly, it’s a bit of a gamble with a dash of FOMO. We don’t want to be left behind in the tech realm. I believe this will appeal to the younger crowd and give us a strong foothold for future growth.

How satisfied are you with the setup process and your relationship with the Dark agent(s) that assisted you across it?


Please let us know if you have any comments or suggestions that will help us improve both our product and the setup process

Keep up the great work!

These two customers have been extremely helpful and kind to share their thoughts with, but what we consider most important here, is that they have put their trust in our Teams to get their business to the next level, even during uncertain times and we can not be more committed to making their businesses grow and have their expectations fulfilled in every way we can.

If you have any questions about our Store Setup process or branded/non-branded apps and Web projects, please feel free to contact [email protected] and our Support Team will provide the necessary information or direct your questions or inquiries to the most fitted team.