Your wedding day is around the corner, and as you embark on the journey to your special day, ensuring your wedding dress suits you perfectly and dazzles with elegance is crucial to looking perfect when you walk down the aisle.

However, your gown might not be perfect for several reasons (Maybe the dress is a family heirloom, a sample, or vintage, or it simply got stained after tailoring it), but that doesn’t mean you can’t look stunning, especially when you have spent months trying to find the right dress for your big day.

From achieving the ideal fit to preserving the fabric’s integrity, let’s explore how to take your bridal outfit to the next level and take care of it once the festivities are over.

Alterations, Before or After Dry Cleaning?

Many brides and grooms alter their wedding attire to fit just right on their wedding day. Gowns often need to be tailored at the waist and bust, while men’s suits might need some tweaking on the trousers or jacket sleeves.

It’s smart to make these alterations a few months before the wedding, as you may need several fittings to make all the required changes.

In the end, it depends on your needs. Some brides prefer to take it to the dry cleaner before making the necessary adjustments (usually brides that gain or lose weight), while others choose to have it clean after the alterations to keep it in perfect condition before the big day, but in this case, dry cleaners should be extra careful not to damage the details and embroidering of the dress.

Dry Cleaning your Wedding Dress Before Your Wedding Day

Planning your big day can take up to a year and a half for some couples, and choosing “the one” (meaning the dress, not the husband!) is usually done 6–8 months before the wedding. In this period, delicate fibers can begin to yellow and fade.

Whether your wedding dress is brand new or passed down through generations, getting it professionally cleaned should be your first choice. Bridal gowns are made with intricate details and very delicate fabrics, especially if they are designed with tulle, beading, or lace, so it’s best to leave it to experienced hands.

To find the best cleaner for your dress, try consulting friends or reading online reviews of people who have recently gotten their gown clean and have a good experience with it. Reaching out to the bridal boutique where you got your dress it’s also a good idea since they usually have a list of recommended dry cleaners that you can trust.

For a man’s tuxedo, it’s also recommended to have it pressed or professionally dry-cleaned before the special occasion, to avoid wrinkles and get a more formal look. When you pick up the suit, don’t forget to ask for instructions on how to take care of it, and avoid storing it in a plastic bag since it can cause wrinkles.

What’s the Ideal Timing for Sending Your Wedding Dress for Cleaning Ahead of Your Big Day?

Spring is considered the peak wedding season, so experts suggest you should bring your dress to the dry cleaners 2 months ahead of your special event. If your wedding is off-season, a month in advance should be safe enough to get it back without any rush.

Some dry cleaners even offer a fast service for wedding dresses to guarantee you will have it returned in due time for the big day.

Dry Clean Your Wedding Gown After the Wedding

Some people question if they should have their wedding dress dry-cleaned after everything is over and the answer is…Yes!

After the big celebration, it’s almost impossible to have your dress intact. After all, you spent hours wearing white while eating, dancing, drinking, and socializing. Getting it dry-cleaned will preserve your wedding dress for a prolonged time without worrying about the stains taking over the fabric or turning brown from not cleaning it.

If you plan to sell the dress once the wedding is over, having it professionally cleaned is the way to go to get the most value out of your gown.

Whatever you do, it’s important to know that not all dry cleaners are specialized in wedding gowns and may use harsh or toxic chemicals. Do your research until you find the one with a good reputation and uses organic non-toxic solvents.

Once you have found the best dry cleaner for you, voilà! One thing less to worry about and continue planning the wedding of your dreams.