When your business grows, you face new challenges. Preparing your company for faster growth is not easy, as it is mandatory to structure your business, but knowing where to start organizing can lead to stressful and overwhelming moments.

To stay on top of things while on the move, apps come in very handy to make your daily work easier and automate some unwanted tasks. This is why we have come up with a list of useful apps: the ones that offer functionality and will revolutionize your operations: 


CamScanner is a simple app that could save you tons of time spent scanning and signing documents. This app turns your smartphone into a scanner, removes any unwanted background, and creates a high-resolution document that you can save, email, or print. 


This is considered one of the best apps for employee time management since it combines simplicity with functionality. This time-tracking application helps businesses manage the time spent on different tasks and projects, whether individually or in teams. It’s also accessible across different devices since it offers both web and mobile versions of the app. 


During these times when data has become gold information, protecting your online presence is essential, and that’s when a VPN comes in handy. NordVPN stands as one of the best VPN providers in the market. Beyond safeguarding your online activities, NordVPN actively scans downloaded files for malware and keeps a vigilant eye on potentially harmful websites. No wonder it is considered the Editors’ Choice award winner in PC Mag.


Let Enlite POS take care of your single or multiple store-dry cleaners, as our app offers total business management, from tracking your customers’ orders to creating your own branded mobile app. It’s cloud-based, easy to use, and customizable for your needs. If you are interested in a free demo, just click here


Slack is an effective communication tool to get in touch with both small and large teams. It lets you manage new users, share files, or even search through conversations in a quick manner. And best of all, it’s free. 

The right business app for your company is the one that will increase your productivity and streamline your operations, but most of all, the one that will fit your business needs within your designated budget for apps. Find the tools that will save you time and will help you grow your business and your company will stay productive on the go. 

Important disclosure: This article is intended for informational purposes only. The mentioned apps are not advertising the blog post and do not imply endorsement, sponsorship, or partnership with DARK.