It all points out to a world that is minimizing human interaction. With that in mind, technology has risen to the occasion and responded with a variety of options, especially for retailers. 

Thanks to the pandemic, customer acceptance of self-service really took off, and pickup lockers were no exception.

Here are 5 facts about self-service lockers, and a few more reasons why you should consider having them as part of your dry cleaner customer experience.

They are smart

Driven by leading-edge technology, the latest lockers come with scanners, barcodes, or QR codes that are built for quick collection. 

They’re easy to use.

With just one click, you can place your garments in the locker to be cleaned or picked up. Their Click & Collect functionality makes these smart lockers easy for non-techies customers and staff to use.

They are the next-level convenient solution for you and your customers

These contact-free lockers provide convenience for customers by letting them choose when to pick up their clothes, since they’re available in your store 24/7. 

They are safe and secure 

Needless to say, smart lockers systems are a highly secure way to store your customer’s valuable items. You can rest assured that your delivery will be safe until you or your customers are ready to pick them up.

They are time-saving 

By having smart lockers, you streamline your business operations by optimizing the delivery process and reducing the time spent by employees looking for items, increasing productivity.

Our POS Enlite integrates with some of the best Garment Touchless Pickup partners at the storefront of your Dry Cleaner, such as GMS Kiosk and NextLevel Lockers to improve your business experience.

24/7 Express - Automated Dry Cleaning Kiosk

Some of the advantages of GMS include the following:

  • It can be installed as an unmanned unit in a retail center, apartment building, or a neighboring town or city.
  • Easy Pick-Up & Drop-Off
  • Easy-to-follow instructions to easily guide your customers through the drop-off and pick-up processes.
  • Handles large volumes with 10 garments per slot
  • Simple set-up
  • One-day installation.
NextLevel Lockers 

Here are some reasons NextLevel Lockers are a great choice for your Brick & Mortar:

  • It’s the most secure way to protect your orders and packages.
  • It extends drop-off and pickup hours without increasing labor costs.
  • You won’t need to designate staff to manage your packages, saving significant amounts of time.
  • Increases foot traffic to your store.
  • It’s contactless!
  • It improves the packaging delivery experience.

To find out more about these fully automated self-service lockers, write us at [email protected]