Having a small business means staying ahead of the game at all times, especially on the marketing strategies, and we know you’re still wrapping up and putting down the Christmas decorations. Still, now is the time to think about the next holiday: Valentine’s Day.

Take this lovely day (pun intended) as an opportunity to get a little creative and give some love to your customers in different ways, from promo discounts to a sweet message from their favorite dry cleaner.

Here, we take you through 6 great marketing ideas to get into the Valentine’s mood:

Use the Color of Passion as a Theme for your Promotions 

It’s common knowledge that red is one of the most used colors during Valentine’s Day because it represents excitement and passion, but if you have a business, you also noticed that red means discount and sales.

So for February 14, use this dominant color and get creative by offering your customers a limited-time discount for every red item they bring to your cleaners during Valentine’s Day. It’s a great idea that works for everyone, no matter if they are single or partnered up.

Give your Customers a Romantic Coupon or Promo Code Online

Set up your website, changing the colors to something related to this festive holiday, or create a popup to promote your discount deals during V-day. Give your customers an appealing coupon or display a code discount using words related to the lovely occasion when they visit your website. This will swoon them, and it will be more likely that they stay and make a purchase. 

Offer a 2x1 Valentine’s Deal 

Valentine’s Day it’s all about couples, so why not offer your loyal customers a 2x1 deal on their garments? Encourage them to bring their items together to get a special price or an attractive discount they won’t be able to turn down. 

Send a Warm SMS to your Clients

Valentine’s Day is a great marketing opportunity and a great time to connect with your clients, engage them with your store and show them some love. 

So take this day to captivate your customers with a heartfelt SMS wishing them a happy Valentine’s Day, or sharing a loving promotion custom-made for them. 

Get your Store Ready for this Special Day

Make it clear to the customers that you are up for the festive day by decorating your store accordingly to the occasion, inside and out. Invite your employees to dress in red or pink and get some eye-catching and fun elements like hanging hearts and cupids to boost sales.

Spread the Love 

Another strategy that can win your client’s hearts is to give away small gifts on February 14. Have a bowl near the cashier with heart-shaped sweets, or give away flowers to anyone that comes up to the store during that day.

Adding this Valentine’s tactics into your business can make a huge difference with your clients, engaging with them in unexpected ways, and making it the perfect excuse to offer your specials and promos.