The fashion business has always been one of the most profitable industries in the world. Still, beyond the glamour and the glitz, it’s also an industry that contributes massively to our current environmental issues, especially fast fashion.

The latter is the one to take accountability for when it comes to waste and pollution, with garments worn only once or twice before being replaced or thrown away, leading to a culture of disposable clothing and creating significant consequences for the planet.

However, there is hope. Sustainable fashion has been on the rise lately, meaning the industry is aiming to find alternatives that are eco-friendly and don’t compromise the environment. And when it comes to practices related to sustainability, garment repair and alterations are key components to reducing waste.

One of the countries taking the lead in recognizing the importance of garment repair in helping the environment is France, which recently implemented a clothing and shoe repair subsidy program in order to cut waste and pollution from the textile industry.

This initiative, which starts in October, is looking to reduce the number of clothes discarded every year and create a circular economy for shoes and clothes so that products last longer.

The French clothing repair subsidy program is going to be a game-changer for the fashion industry in France. It’s not only encouraging individuals to fix their clothes, but it’s also creating new opportunities for repair businesses. 

Job creation and economic growth can be two of the big improvements in the clothing repair sector once this practice begins to take place. And hopefully, there will be a shift in consuming behavior, with people becoming more conscious of the value of their clothing. 

Other Sustainable initiatives for your Business 

This program is one step toward transforming the fashion industry (at least in France), but if you’re on the route to making your business more sustainable, you don’t need to wait for your country’s government to be part of the change. There are numerous practices for your business to contribute to a healthier planet, and you can find all the details by reading one of our most recent articles here 

If your Dry Cleaner offers a tailoring service, you can promote it or make discounts in order to extend the lifespan of the clothes and generate among your clients a more mindful lifestyle and consumption. 

By embracing garment repair, supporting local repair businesses, and adopting a more mindful approach to fashion consumption, we can all play a role in reducing waste and saving the planet.