In response to the changing needs of their customers, dry cleaners have expanded their offerings to meet the demands of a more diverse market, and today, a significant segment of the business has added tailoring and clothing repair as a fundamental part of the services they provide.

Similar to many other businesses, alteration shops and dry cleaners offering this service face a constant challenge to keep the continuous flow of clients to stay afloat and generate profits.

That’s why today we’d like to show you some marketing strategies to start promoting your alterations service and help you generate ROI:

Opt for Social Media

Use your social media platforms to showcase your tailor and alterations services and let your clients know you offer clothing repair without having to go elsewhere. A great way to promote it is to post before and after alterations, they’re the perfect way to show a transformation and grab your customer’s attention. Besides, it will show your expertise and the quality of your service.

Attract new customers through pricing 

Look at your surroundings and make sure you are not overcharging or compromising on quality when it comes to repairing your client’s clothes. Giving the right price for great service is the best way to attract new customers and keep them coming back for more.

Give offers and discounts

One way to attract customers who may not be familiarized with your clothing repair service is to give them percent-off discounts. For example, you could offer 10% off for their first alteration to motivate them to try out your service.

Other promotional ideas that work: Alter 3 items for the price of 2, 30-minute fitting free of charge, or offer a percentage discount for senior customers. This type of incentive is great to increase sales and create customer retention.

Spread the word 

Reach out to the local businesses around your area and let them know about your tailoring services to get a buzz started in your community. Approach clothing stores nearby and create alliances; there are always customers in need of hemming and fitting.

You could also partner up with bridal shops, since they don’t always have the resources to provide repairs and alterations, and they could refer their customers to your business to find the solution and keep them happy. 

Maintain a Professional Website

A well-structured website should be a part of your marketing strategies to promote your business. Make sure your domain page and social media include a clear description of your alteration services, pricing, promotions, and contact information. Don’t forget to include high-quality images and testimonials to show your current and potential customers what they can expect when choosing your store. 

For customers, bringing their clothes for some adjustments to their favorite dry cleaner is practical and convenient. That’s why it’s always important to let them know they can count on this type of service in your store, and prioritize the quality of your work to maintain their loyalty and trust when they require a tailor.