Welcome to The Enlite Experience, the most recent addition to the Enlite Blog!

The Enlite Experience will present real-life conversations, where customers will share their experiences with the system and its products, the service they receive, and the teams they interact with on a regular basis. 

Please join us as we discuss all things Enlite with a variety of customers that specialize in different areas of the Dry Cleaning and Laundry Service business.

For the first edition, we sat with a business owner with a multi-store operation of more than 15 stores, that focuses more on alterations and repairs but has also included dry cleaning and laundry to its list of offered services.

Here is what he had to share:

Enlite: Describe your experience with Enlite and your thoughts as to customizing the software to fit your business’ needs? 

Customer: Overall, our experience with DARK has been extremely positive. The Enlite team is willing to adapt to our business operations and continues to learn about [our business].

E: Which customized features would you say benefits your business the most?

C: For  [our business], the modifiers are the most beneficial feature Enlite has to offer. Basically, our entire pricelist lives within modifiers. The pricelist for  [our business] contains over 1200 different types of unique alterations that our company offers, and because of the ability to search, adding the specific alteration has become much easier compared to a menu-based Point of Sale.

E: For a large Multi-store operation like yours, what is your Team’s favorite feature about Enlite?

C: With 13 Alterations locations, in addition to 5 Dry Cleaners with 2 delivery routes, keeping track of money is mandatory. Because Enlite integrates withTSYS seamlessly, we have eliminated all credit card issues. In the past, manual credit card transactions were always subject to error simply because of the human element. Since DARK has integrated with our credit card units, our company rarely experiences incorrect card transactions.

E: Your Pick up and Delivery process requires printout customization for your Customer receipts and Invoices. How does it make things easier for your customers and your team?

C: With Enlite’s delivery feature, [our business] has taken advantage of the one-time customer feature to offer a delivery service to our tailoring population. With this, having visual indicators in all ticketing aspects was a must for our company to achieve our goal. In turn, customers can also visually see on their receipt that the order is going to be delivered through the printed truck. Simple receipt customization has allowed [our business] to offer a new layer of business.

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E: Describe the impact that the Dark Team has had on making things easier for you and your team.

C: As our company continues to learn about the necessary features in a Point of Sale, DARK and the team continues to learn about [us]. The individuals that help our company on a weekly basis have learned our needs , and are becoming part of [our] team. The team at DARK wants to learn and understand our company, which in turn makes it easier for not only [our business], but DARK as well. 

Customization really is key when it comes to keeping our customers happy! There is not one operation that is exactly the same as the other and with that in mind, understanding our customer needs is crucial to their success. Adapting the system to each of their processes, thanks to the use of different settings and tricks is one of our superpowers. 

Do you need help adjusting the system to better fit your needs? Contact [email protected] and one of our Support agents will happily assist you. 

Enlite is an amazing Dry Cleaning and Laundry cloud service that features Point of Sale integration, Routes & Delivery, Garment Tracking and much more.

Are you curious about what Enlite can do for your business? send a message to [email protected]. One of our Sales representatives will get back to you to schedule a demo and answer any questions you have.