In these challenging times, surfing the wave of digital innovation is the key to surviving, staying ahead of the competition, and making a profit.  Keeping your  business accessible to your customers in this era of social distancing can make the biggest difference in your business’s pickup and delivery operations.

In this article you will find six reasons why you should include Enlite Mobile Apps in your service offering.  We will also throw in some quick tips on how to optimize your operations with Enlite Mobile Apps too.

1. Comfort and Safety:

These two words are critical to success for every business in the current pandemic. When customers are being encouraged to stay home and avoid visiting public places, our mobile apps will take your business to them with reliable and easy to use digital solutions.

With our Customers App and Web Portal solutions, your customers will be able to:

  • Pay for their orders online quickly and easily.
  • Schedule pickups in just a few taps.
  • See the details of their orders and receive invoices.
  • Update their customer profile and preferences
  • Communicate with the store from the comfort and safety of their home. 

2. Trust and Transparency:

Businesses build long-lasting relationships with customers through reliability, good service and honesty.

By using the Enlite Mobile Apps and the Web Portal, customers will be able to see the details of each order, its garments, how much is due, payment status and more.  

Build Trust: Communicate a customer’s garments at all times: from the moment a pick-up is requested to the moment their garments are delivered to their doorstep.

Show Transparency: When it comes to payments, you can assure your customers that their information will be safe. Enlite Mobile Apps use internationally certified payment integrations combined with high security standards when it comes to your data.

3. Efficiency in your Operations:

Are you worried about wasting time and resources picking up customer calls, arranging routes, organizing invoices, and getting on the road?  Time is one of your most valuable assets. 

That’s why Enlite’s Drivers App will make your life easier! Most of the process is automated, greatly reducing the chance for embarrassing or disastrous human errors. Your customers will not need to call you every time to ask for a pick-up or to request the status of each step, because they will have it all at their fingertips in the app. 

Your driver will be able to follow and complete every step in the most efficient way. By customizing the filters and settings the app offers, you and your drivers can optimize it to best suit your business: 

  • Automatically add booked pick-ups or regularly visited customers to your routes
  • Filter out stops without open or unpaid invoices/orders.
  • Optimize the order of your stops.
  • Send automated notifications to customers at each leg of your route.
  • Track drivers’ break times.
  • Receive full stop-by-stop reports after each completed route.

These are only a few of the features and functions that Enlite Mobile Apps has to offer. 

The Enlite Drivers App is a powerful tool  with the options and controls to help you optimize your operations. When talking about efficiency of operations, there is more to it than just the Driver’s App.  We can help throughout the entire mobile orders lifecycle to save you time and resources.

Fun fact: In the Point of Sale App for example, there’s an entire section dedicated to Mobile Orders integrated into the Enlite ecosystem. To learn more about the Mobile Order Lifecycle, please click here.

4. Locations & Routes:

When thinking about growing your business, it is important to take into consideration the location of your customers.

When configuring Enlite Mobile, you can determine the route based on the zip code setup. The App can then automatically assign your customers to the appropriate routes according to their location. You can also automatically decline customers living outside your supported areas, or give them a special treatment.

For improved accountability and management purposes, you can pull up reports on your routes to learn about your customers’ activity. You can also send them batch promotional and informative notifications by segment.

5. Cash Flow Management: 

With the Customer App, paying has never been easier for your customers. They only have to enter their credit or debit card information and then charge their preferred payment method every time an order is processed. Our latest feature allows customers to pay or prepay for each order individually withGoogle Pay andApple Pay from within the Customer App. You can always track the sales for each customer in their profile or track sales from each store in the reports and merchant portal.

6. Return on Investment:

Improve your RoI through better service offerings and optimizing business operations via Enlite Mobile Apps. Through rock solid processes and accountability, you can increase your sales flow and grow into a larger market.

Our apps are very flexible and can be configured to optimize your business and market growth. For the Customer App, you can use our robust default Enlite Mobile app, or request the customization of your own branded app, with your name and colors in it.

To sum it up, Enlite Mobile Apps offers a whole business concept that brings you closer to your customers in these challenging times. Using Enlite Mobile Apps can make a real difference in terms of productivity and generated value. Combined with an effective advertising and marketing outreach, you can reach out to more customers, improve customer retention, and keep the lights on.

Have questions or want to join us?  Contact us and we can get you started with a demonstration.