Is your business like a leaky bucket? Where customers come in, but don’t last long and they find another dry cleaner that meets their needs.

Or is your business like a well-sealed bucket that is constantly growing in capacity? This means your customers come in and they stay happy for eternity. Not only that, but you’re able to welcome new customers without losing existing customers.

Hopefully your business is like the well-sealed bucket. Either way, keep reading because any well-sealed bucket can get leaky if it gets neglected.

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With these simple tips, you can have more repeat customers. In the end, this means greater profitability for your location!

Actively Train Your Team in Customer Service

One of the first steps to having great customer retention is molding a team that thoroughly understands the importance of customer service. Being knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful will bring people back to your location, but your on-the-floor team is the front line to enhance customer retention. Train them well and emphasize that your dry cleaner places a heavy importance on customer service.

Communicate with Customers However They Prefer (Not How You Prefer!)

Communication is key to making customers happy, but you have to communicate on their terms, not yours. If your customer wants an email, send them an email. If they prefer text, send text. If they want a phone call, give them a call. If they want you to send a messenger pigeon, then you’d better stock up on birds! Adapting to their preferences will increase their satisfaction and make it more convenient to do business with you, resulting in better retention.

Create Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs are popular across all industries, including the dry cleaning business. They provide a way for customers to constantly connect with your business, and give people an incentive to use your services over and over and over again. Creating a loyalty program takes time and organization, but the repeat business and word-of-mouth can work wonders for your long-term profitability.

Treat Upset Customers Like Royalty

When you have an upset customer, do you see it as a setback? You shouldn’t. See it as an opportunity! Of course, we’re not suggesting that you actively create upset customers, but when the inevitable happens, treat the upset customer like the most important person in the world. Treat them like royalty and do whatever you can to restore their confidence in your services. By demonstrating that you recognize and take ownership for the issue, and will do anything you can to make it right, you’re showing customers that you truly care. If you turn a wrong into a right through free services, discounts, expedited orders, or other creative measures, you’ll turn that upset customer into a life-long client.

Implement Garment Management Technology

Garment management technology can be extremely important in the modern world of dry cleaning. By giving your company an easy-to-use system for managing garments, you’ll increase accuracy and efficiency. You’ll also reduce the amount of late or misplaced garments, which in turn will create a better experience for your customers. With garment management, your business runs better; it’s only a matter of time before customers take notice and revisit your location.