You reaching out to me and asking for my feedback, shows me you are a better company” was the perfect closure for this month’s Enlite Experience. Our team’s goal with this section is to receive feedback from our customers and act on it in any way that will benefit their businesses, improving our product’s functionality and capabilities, as well as the service and support we offer.

At Dark, we value our customers’ opinions and pay extra attention to having their needs covered.

This small dry cleaner’s owner from New York shared the experience he’s had with Enlite and our technical support since he started using it about a year and a half ago, but also the effect the pandemic has had on his business, adapting to new POS and how he survived these challenging times.

Our plan is to provide solutions that will make his job easier moving forward.

Here are the highlights of our conversation

1) How has your experience with the Enlite Team been, when it comes to adapting the system to fit your needs?

I would say overall the experience has been a good one dealing with people from Enlite. The tech support has been very responsive, but as I’ve gotten used to using it (now about a year and a half), I call less and less, obviously, because I’ve learned more and more how to use it.

2) Which of the Enlite features do you think benefits your business the most?

I mostly use the software to write tickets, record what I tag them with, and rack them away and pull them up. That is 99% of what I do.

One thing that has integrated so well is the credit card processor. It makes it very easy to use for the customers that come in for in-store payments, but also for those that I deliver to and get to bill their credit card on file.

Things have changed a lot with Covid, so my needs have also changed a bit.

There are probably features I’m not using, either because I haven’t learned about them or I just don’t need them.

3) What is your team’s favorite feature about Enlite?

I’m not a huge business, and the reality of Covid is that I’m down from having 2 other people in the team, to being only myself and the presser, so, basically just me using the system.

One thing I did when I changed softwares is I upgraded my screens and put in touch screens.

With Enlite, I get a very good software but at a fraction of the price others have offered.

4) How satisfied are you with the service offered by the Dark Team?

Very. Whenever I’ve had an issue, all the tech support has been great. If they haven’t solved it immediately they get back to me pretty quickly. I like to talk to your tech support with people from all over the world, working on any problems I’ve had, or finding a way around it. They have been pretty responsive.

“if someone would ask me: “Which software do you use?” I would definitely recommend Enlite, because of that responsiveness which is what a dry cleaner needs.” When a software goes down I still have to work, you know?

**“You reaching out to me and asking for my feedback, shows me you are a better company” **

My previous company, that I had for 18 years, never called asking if I liked the service and the software. You are 5 steps ahead of them.

Please send any feedback to [email protected], we’ll be happy to receive your comments.