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  • Cloud & Standalone

    DARK delivers both Cloud based Point of Sales solutions as well as standalone POS units. This allows our POS software to have the flexibility of being accessible anywhere using the Cloud and the peace of mind of having an offline version.

  • Custom Hardware

    From cloud printing to sleek kiosks, DARK is passionate about creating cutting edge hardware to speed up your processes while maintaining the highest level of security.

  • Patent Pending

    DARK has revolutionized the Dry Cleaning and Restaurant industries by creating proprietary hardware to help reduce costs and improve efficiency. DARK owns several patents to help Dry Cleaners process customers and their clothes more quickly.

  • Mobile Ready

    Rather than investing in expensive, complex and often unreliable systems DARK has been developed to operate on all devices and on numerous platforms. DARK provides several mobile apps to increase customer loyalty, drive sales, and better track your business.

  • Flexible Billing

    DARK provides flexible billing to its customers as well as all end users. DARK hardware and software can be leased on a monthly basis and all packages inlcude monthly support to ensure you are never left alone in the dark.

  • Routing & Delivery

    From Dry Cleaning routing, to fast food delivery, DARK has developed several mobile apps to extend the traditional point of sales to the mobile market. DARK allows your drivers to deliver to your customers with turn by turn directions.

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Restaurant POS that serves faster

Take the fine dining experience to the next level with Delite POS. Allow our software to help your team provide a service experience as exquisite as the meals you serve.

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Dry Cleaning POS with Assembly & Routing

Enlite POS is the only software you’ll need to run your Dry-cleaning business. More than just a point of sale software, Enlite streamlines and facilitates the operation of your drycleaner to benefit you and your customers.

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Retail POS that streamlines your business

From clothing to souvenirs, Relite is the key to running an operation smoothly. Relite is more than simply a point of sales software, it supports you and your operation as a full retail management solution.

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Hospitality POS with one touch check outs

Polite is the newest addition to the DARK family and is aimed at helping customers becoming part of the hospitality community. Polite ensures your customers feel at home.

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  • Software is self explanatory.  Technical support team is awesome.

  • I have owned my drycleaner for 15 years and this is the most user friendly software I have had.  When I researched different POS systems this one definitely stood out from the rest.

  • Great product, excellent customer service, always available to answer questions.