It seems like hiring a dry cleaning staff should be fast and easy. From an outsider’s perspective, it could seem like a relatively low-skill job that requires minimal experience. You could simply put an ad in the dry cleaner job opportunities section of the paper and hope for the best.

Don’t be fooled. You can’t just hire any staff for your dry cleaning positions; you need to hire the right staff.

With these tips, you’ll not only hire the best people for your company, you’ll keep them for years!

7 tips to hire the right dry cleaning staff the first time

Create a Vision Beyond the Job

Beyond the income, what will an employee gain by working for your dry cleaning company? People want more than a weekly paycheck; they want a quality lifestyle, a rewarding job, a consistent work schedule, and (if possible) flexible hours. Create a vision of what it will be like to work for your company and use this vision in your job posts and advertisements.

Define the Type of Person You are Looking For

What are the characteristics of your ideal employee? For dry cleaning, you’ll want someone who can work with customers, is self-motivated and is dedicated to service. They should value safety, team-work, and the importance of repeat customers. Defining your ideal employees is beneficial for you and the incoming candidates, as they will know exactly what types of attitudes and personalities you need for your dry cleaner.

Define the Salary Right Away

Be upfront and clear about the salary. In your job posts and advertisements, give the exact starting amount that you expect to pay. This will show people that you have nothing to hide, and if you’re paying a decent wage, will help you attract the best candidates.

Conduct Multiple Interviews with Each Candidate

One interview is not enough. No, you’re not hiring a CEO or college president, but you still need to take your time and conduct multiple interviews; preferably three or four interviews before you hire. If you fast-track the interview process and hire the first person who shows up, you’re going to put yourself in an endless cycle of replacing employees. Instead, take your time from the beginning and hire the right dry cleaning staff.

Hire for Attitude and Work Ethic, Not Experience

Someone has experience in dry cleaning but seems to have a poor attitude towards customers. Another person has no experience in dry cleaning but seems to have a great attitude. Who should you hire? It’s usually best to hire someone with the right mindset. After all, you can train someone to work your machines; you can’t train someone to have the right attitude.

Pay Above the Industry Average

It’s simple: if you want to keep the best employees, you have to pay them a quality wage. Give them a reason to stick around by paying above the industry average. In the long run, this will enhance retention and make your dry cleaner more successful.

Focus on Retention

Along with great pay, you should also focus on keeping your employees as long as possible. Create a strong foundation of employees by offering multiple benefits and quality resources. Health insurance and other benefits are essential, but you can also include company outings, discounts, and other perks.

If you use these tips for hiring and keeping employees, you’ll increase the chances of having a successful dry cleaner that lasts for years!