From small, family-led operations to big multi-store processes, Enlite allows dry cleaners and their staff to handle information in an optimized, efficient manner.

That is the case for one of our biggest international customers. This 37-plus-location company in Mexico shared how Enlite benefits their business and all the ways in which it fits their needs and helps them reach their goals.

1) How has your experience with Enlite been, when it comes to customizing the software to fit your needs?

My experience customizing the software with Enlite has been amazing. “The team is always looking for ways to customize the software in ways that will benefit our processes. It is hard to think of another company that spends as much time trying to make its product better for their customers. The team at Enlite is always looking for feedback to improve their solutions.

2) Which one of the customized features would you say benefits your business the most?

Given that we have a big operation with 30 plus stores and 7 plants, one of the customized features that we like the most is the tracker. We were able to figure out a tracker that will help us trace the garments in every step of the process. We will know the moment the driver drops the garments at the plant or when the order is back at the store and ready for the customer to pick up. Having this information on real time has no price.

3) For a big operation like yours, what is your Team’s favorite feature about Enlite?

Our favorite feature about Enlite is that we finally have a solution that will centralize all our data in one place. We are working with Enlite to achieve this, but we will soon finally have all the information about our company in one place that is easy to access. This will allow us to improve our process and offer a better service to our customers.

4) How do the mobile apps make things easier for your customers and your team? And how do you think that the Lockers function will benefit your operations?

The mobile apps make it very easy for customers to place an order and for us it makes it easy to follow the order throughout our dry cleaning process. It allows us to visualize and control the orders to make sure that we deliver them on time. Before using the app our drivers had control over which customers they visited, but now we have control over exactly which customers our driver visits every day.

One of our dreams was to have everything within the same platform. Our POS, our mobile app and lockers. Finally, it is going to become true. Integrating lockers to the same platform will allow customers to interact with our customer on only one app and we will be able to measure how our customers shift between stores, lockers or home delivery. This will allow us to offer more personalized services to our customers.

5) How has been the relationship between you, your staff, and the Dark Team during the whole setup and customization process?

The relationship has been great with the Dark Team. They are very friendly and go above and beyond to understand our needs and customize the software to fit our needs. I really enjoy how the team puts a lot of effort in letting us know new features and explaining how we could use them.