When our customers seek us out, they don’t expect us just to hand off a product and leave. We walk the customer through every step of the way and they get to set expectations.

One of our Georgia customers with 2 locations has an impeccable vision of the service he wants to provide to his dry-cleaning customers. He found that by partnering with Dark he was able to easily please his customers and offer the best service possible.

How has your experience with Enlite been when it comes to customizing the software to fit your needs?

I could not have asked for more from the Enlite Team. Everyone runs their business a little differently and has varied needs. When choosing a software, you never know exactly if all your wants and needs can be met in one system. I am here to say that Enlite has been the most responsive software company I have ever worked with. They have taken each one of my needs and either offered an immediate solution or a work around and have then taken my concerns and worked toward incorporating my wants into their next software release. When working with Enlite, I feel like I have my own proprietary software that was built specifically for my business and not just an off-the-shelf product. Their service, follow up, and care is just that deep. They are not just doing their jobs, they genuinely care about what I, as a business, am experiencing on the front line and it is their imminent quest to find a solution that will both make me happy and a solution to my problem. I can say without doubt that Enlite has gone above and beyond. I have even received calls late in the evening and on the weekends. They want to make sure they are available when needs or crises arise. I greatly value my relationship with Enlite.

Which one of the customized features would you say benefits your business the most?

Enlite listened to my needs of what I was looking for in a software before I signed up to use their software and detailed to me how their software solution could meet my needs. One of my biggest concerns was to find a software that was integrated with a mobile application. Enlite offered this option and they took their basic mobile solution and customized it perfectly to meet my needs and to portray my brand. I love how the mobile app integrates seamlessly with my POS. With Enlite, I feel that you always get more than your money’s worth. They focus on customer satisfaction and the overall effectiveness of their product. To them, I do not just feel like another monthly fee. They make me feel they are vested in my success and I truly believe that they are. For that, I am very grateful to the entire team at Enlite.

As a big multi-store operation like yours, what is your team’s favorite Enlite feature?

There are so many features that help us to run a successful business. It is difficult to pick one favorite feature of Enlite. However, Enlite has not just focused on a front office solution to run, track and document our customer activity, they have built a robust Back Office solution. I love their Reports Module. It is full of valuable reports that help me track my business and it helps me keep abreast of where I need to pay more attention or where I need to better redefine a solution. If there is not a report that meets what I am trying to target, the Enlite team will work to build the report so that my business can effectively track it’s progress. The numbers don’t lie and with the Enlite Back Office, I can feel confident that I am making the correct decisions.

How do the Enlite Mobile and Enlite Routes apps make things easier for your customers and your team?

Our customers love our mobile application! Everyone wants instant gratification and everything at their fingertips. This is exactly what Enlite offers in their mobile application. Customers love that they can view and track their invoices and also that they can see their payment history. It helps them to build confidence in how we are processing their orders, while at the same time, it alleviates the need for our stores to communicate directly with each customer. That is a huge time saver. In addition, the way that the system tracks and updates the status of the mobile orders builds customer trust and customer loyalty more quickly. By customizing the pick-up menu offering through the Back Office, we have been able to bring in additional revenue sources, which allows us to grow the business more rapidly. Enlite Mobile and Enlite Routes have proven successful for us from the very start. I cannot envision running my business without the use of Enlite Mobile or Enlite Routes. Additionally, by having such an efficient Routes Application, my driver’s job satisfaction has increased greatly and their stress level has lessened. Enlite has taken this burden off of the drivers and store employees and shifted it into their robust handheld application.

How has the Dark Team worked in favor of making things easier for you and your team?

I cannot praise the Enlite Team enough. We have been a demanding customer, in terms of needs and wants. They have always worked tirelessly to get the Enlite product where we needed it to be. From the very beginning, they worked hand in hand with us to develop our website. Our website is not just a templated site, but rather it has an extremely professional feel and we receive praise from our customers about our site frequently. It has brought business to our stores due to the professional image it portrays. When customers mention our website, they often think we are a franchise due to how comprehensively informative and engaging it is. A huge shout out to the Enlite Team for working so hard to bring our vision to life. You guys hit the mark and brought our vision to life. You guys are not just vendors, but rather part of our team, as you have our best interest at heart. Thanks Enlite for a successful journey thus far and….To infinity and beyond!