This month we hosted a webinar for our dry cleaners clients to highlight how their customers can better connect with their business through the mobile apps and web portal.

On the webinar we covered:

  • Store and customer Enlite products: Interconnectivity between Enlite, Enlite Routes, Enlite Mobile, and Portal
  • Enlite Mobile & Portal: Functionality of the customer app
  • Enlite Branded App: How the app can be customized with your name and colors for branding purposes
  • An overview of Enlite Mobile App and its main features: A guide into the most basic functions and more complex customization. 
  • Notifications: Keep track of your mobile orders and registrations
  • And more!

We want to thank the participants for such an engaging Q&A at the end! 

If you weren’t able to participate or if you want to review the content of the webinar, you can watch the recording below.

Hope to see you at the next webinar!