We’re a few days away from one of the most significant sporting events in the world: the FIFA 2022 World Cup.

And we’re excited to see the US soccer team participate in it this year. It seems like the North American Team can play a major role in the FIFA World Cup with a combination of players such as Pulisic, Reyna, Pepi, Aaronson, and Dest, ensuring the team a good spot in the tournament finals.

With the matches coming up, we wanted to bring a special Business Insight and take the occasion to talk about how to properly wash and take care of the beloved soccer jersey, because we all want to look sharp to support our team! 

Turn the Shirt Inside Out

Turn the jersey inside out before you start washing it. It will help protect the garment’s wording and stitching from abrasion. Also, it will keep them safe from rubbing against the machine walls and direct contact with the detergent that can cause color fading.

Locate Grass, Mud, Blood, Food, or Beer Stains on the Shirt 

Remove all stains by pretreating them with a pre-wash stain remover before you properly wash them. Let them soak for a couple of hours and then proceed to the washing according to the label instructions.

Pre-soak the Jersey 

Before washing, allow the shirt to pre-soak in detergent for at least 1 hour prior to washing. This will let the detergent soak into the stain and make it easier to remove once put in the washing machine.

Always use the delicate cycle 

Soccer shirts are very special when it comes to taking care of them. Never use hot water in the washing machine, choose the delicate cycle, and go for a color-protecting powder detergent, as the liquid may not dissolve well and can ruin the item. Also, make sure it’s a detergent made specifically for treating synthetic fibers.

Air Dry Instead 

Putting the soccer shirt in the dryer is not recommended. It could get easily wrinkled or, even worse, cause shrinkage or pilling. What’s best for it is to simply hang the piece to air dry it.

Be Extra Careful with the Logos and Patches 

When it comes to hanging soccer shirts, there is one rule of gold to keep them intact: never hang them in wire hangers. The metallic hangers can ruin and stain the jersey. Instead, choose thick hangers to store them. And if the jersey has a player’s name or the team’s or sponsors’ logos, use dust bags over them to avoid them sticking together or damaging the numbers.

And remember never to iron them. Usually, the patches are pasted on the surface, and they’re most likely to melt under high temperatures and destroy them.

As long as you follow the washing instructions on the label and keep in mind these recommendations, the lifespan of the soccer shirt will be prolonged, and the customers will be pleased to receive their most precious item in perfect condition.