25 years ago, we had an Idea. An idea that became a reality, and nowadays, we can proudly say it’s precisely what we envisioned. 

We then imagined Enlite as the first software option for all the Dry Cleaners and Laundromats in the business. Not only are we satisfied with what we’ve become, but we have conquered our goals, and we can happily say that we are positioned as one of the best tools for the Dry Cleaning business worldwide

From the get-go, our premise was to design the number one solution for Dry Cleaner’s operations with one or more locations. We created a platform easy to use, responsive, accessible from any device and that would help you increase the company’s productivity.

We started growing and adding features to attract new customers and engage with loyal ones. Likewise, we created customizable Mobile Apps to make Dry Cleaners easily identifiable for their clients in App Stores like Google and Apple.

Then we brought LARA to the table. The first LED-assisted rapid assembly module made by DARK organizes and tracks garment pieces to increase productivity and reduce human error. 

These are only some of the features that Enlite can offer, but what really stands out from our Software is our Support team. This is our BEST Asset. We have become the most trustable Dry Cleaning platform because our main goal is to build solid relationships with our customers, and this means being there at every step of the process. 

We listen to their needs to get a deeper understanding of our software and turn them into new features to make daily operations a walk in the park. And thankfully, this has paid off really well, receiving wonderful positive comments like this one:

“We couldn’t be happier with the Dark team. They are friendly, very knowledgeable, and responsive. What more can you ask for in a business partner? Our businesses wouldn’t be where they are now (or maybe not even up and running) without them. Our sincerest thanks!!”

Our team has one clear mission: to simplify operations for Dry Cleaners. And we understand the compromise that this conveys. That’s why we focus on training the staff, being there during the installation process, speaking different languages if needed, and continuously working to be one step ahead of our client’s needs so they can only worry about making sales and growing their business.

Thousands of Dry Cleaners and Laundromats trust in us. Because we are not just a Dry Cleaning & Laundry Software, we are the best ally for their business.