The dry-cleaning industry is usually characterized by having standardized processes. So it may come to a surprise that none of our dry-cleaning customers have the same set of needs and wants.

Each business is different. Some have multiple stores, some don’t.  Some offer repairs and alterations, some don’t. Some have delivery services, some don’t. And the list goes on and on!

That makes our job extremely exciting; Coming up with solutions, new ideas, special features that can adapt to the considerably different requirements from all of our customers. Enlite provides a wide range of different functionalities that make the system very whole and suitable for many kinds of operations.

On that note, here we share with you the words from one of our customers in Texas running a 3-store operation. The store owner and his team have found many benefits from using Enlite and they are always exploring features that help place their business at the top.

See what this owner had to say about his experience with Enlite:

Q: How has your experience with the Enlite Team been, when it comes to adapting the system to fit your needs?

A: The experience with Enlite Team has been great especially when it comes to adapting as the team is with you every step of the way.

Q: Which of the Enlite features do you think benefits your business the most?

A: The feature that helps me the most are the reports, which are very comprehensive.


Q: What is your team’s favorite feature about Enlite?

A: The messaging feature (Notification section) is the favorite feature of my team and my customers.


Q: Is there any Enlite feature you’re not yet using, but are excited about using in the future?

A: The Inventory feature I have not used yet, but will be using soon which I am excited about.


Q: How satisfied are you with the service offered by the Dark Team?

A: I am extremely satisfied with the service provided by the Dark Team, everything is dealt with in a timely manner.

Do you want to learn more about what the Inventory setting can also do for your business?Please check out this article from our Knowledge Base: Using the Inventory Module