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Routing and Delivery Management

Your dry cleaning customers can’t always make it to your store and a smooth pickup and delivery process can make all the difference in customer retention. Enlite POS provides a seamless experience in managing route customers, pickups and deliveries.

Routing and Customer Management

Managing routes and the dry cleaning customers on those routes is necessary, but it doesn’t have to be a headache. For convenience Enlite POS allows you to add customers to routes from multiple screens.

From the routing screen, setup as many routes as you need and quickly see which customers are on the route, their route stop number and how many invoices are ready to be delivered to each for the current run.

dry cleaners routing and delivery software

enlite pos dry cleaning delivery management software

Manifests and Updating Order Status

The route process does not end when you deliver the garments to your dry cleaning customers. All of the results of each run must be reflected in the system. Enlite POS makes this process a breeze by displaying only the invoices applicable to each run and allowing you to bulk select and assign them the status resulting from the run.

Your manifest is your record of each run completed on a route. Enlite POS tracks each run and allows you to view reports on the results so you can adjust and optimize where necessary.

Driver Mobile App

The Driver Mobile App is the ultimate tool for streamlining your Route & Delivery processes. Empower your drivers with all the tools they need to service your dry cleaning customers.

  • Turn-by-turn navigation to customer addresses.
  • Real-time updates of the driver’s location along the route as well as the items he has picked up and/or delivered.
  • Bluetooth printing for tickets and receipts.
  • Receive payments for deliveries, including credit card payments.