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LARA: Dry Cleaning Rack System

LARA (LED Assisted Rapid Assembly) is the latest innovation in the dry cleaning business. Dry cleaners using Enlite POS dry cleaning software in conjunction with LARA have cut assembly times while minimizing human error. Assembly is the process used by dry cleaners to put customers clothes back together after cleaning. LARA is the newest and most efficient technique for dry cleaners to assemble orders. No more reading dry cleaning tags, no more reading rack numbers, and no more excessive space and cost requirements for large garment conveyor systems.


The LARA garment management system, brings together some of the latest innovations in technology, including Cloud Connected Devices, Internet of Things and distributed computing to dry cleaners, allowing your staff to assemble hundreds of garments in a fraction of the time.

The system, coupled with a garment tagging system, allows your dry cleaner to effectively track garment pieces and automate the assembly of pieces through simple visual cues provided by the LARA garment hangars, which in turn decreases order assembly time and effectively eliminates assembly error.

Due to its modular model, dry cleaners can grow their LARA implementation as their business grows to help reduce upfront capital expenditures. Some of advantages of using the Enlite POS LARA dry cleaning rack system includes:

  • Increase in productivity
  • Simplified operations
  • Reduced garment assembly times
  • Reduce labor cost
  • Reduced human error
  • Modular and expandable, depending on needs and business’s growth
  • Reduced space needed for order assembly
  • Easy to use and to train staff on the use of the system

lara dry cleaning rack system

laundry service racking system

How Our Dry Cleaning Rack System Works

Dry cleaners are encouraged to use either preprinted barcode rolls (single use) or heat seal tags (multi use) to track their customers’ orders. Using a heat seal printer, dry cleaners can easily add a barcode to their customers’ clothes which typically last up to 500 washes. We can provide both barcode rolls as well as heat seal printers.