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Integrations with Enlite POS

A POS software should not be intended to do everything. It must live within the ecosystem of applications you use to run your Drycleaning operation. With that in mind, Enlite POS integrates with various popular tools and applications so you can streamline your processes instead of dealing with silos of data.

Don’t see your preferred platform or application? Contact us today to see if it’s already among the growing library of tools, applications and platforms we continue to integrate with for our customers’ convenience.


Though POS software does perform some basic bookkeeping functions, it should never be confused with a full-fledged accounting application. Enlite POS does not aim to be an accounting platform but it does integrate with some of the best and robust accounting software available to automate moving transactions from your POS software to your Accounting Software.

enlite pos integrations

third party software that integrates with enlite pos


Marketing and CRM are critical to acquiring new customers and maintaining repeat business. Even though your POS software houses much of the necessary customer information, you wouldn’t task a POS solution with running a marketing campaign. For this reason, Enlite POS integrates with the most popular marketing and CRM software. Enlite makes it easier to migrate your drycleaning customer information to the marketing application of your choice so you can efficiently run campaigns.

Social Media

In today’s marketing landscape, social media is a giant not to be ignored. Don’t struggle with getting in touch with your customers and building a social media presence. Enlite POS integrates with the most important social media avenues so you can capitalize on those marketing opportunities.
Whether its Facebook, Google+ or Twitter, the Enlite software makes it easy to reach out to your drycleaning customers.

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