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Dry Cleaner Invoices Made Easy

Detailing invoices for your dry cleaner customers has never been easier. Enlite POS provides a solution that gives your employees the ability to handle all your customers’ dry cleaning needs from one powerful and customizable screen. For both speed and ease of use, the software puts everything at your fingertips.

Pricing Types

Regular Pricing

Enlite POS allows you to quickly select from various clothing categories, with as many or as few items as you need.

Drycleaner employees can easily add upcharges or details like colors, materials or custom notes all from the same screen. Buttons colored by service category, large representative icons that can be customized for each button and an intuitive layout will have your drycleaner operating at peak efficiency



Custom Unit Pricing

Drycleaners need the flexibility to bill items by a specified unit, such as pounds, pleats, etc. The POS software allows you to define both the unit and unit price so your drycleaner can effortlessly ring up customers.

The Enlite POS software allows you to tailor it to your workflow rather than adjusting your drycleaner operation to the software.

Manual Pricing

Drycleaners can’t predict everything they will receive from their customers but still require a POS software dynamic enough to keep up. For those exceptions when the standard items aren’t enough we offer Manual Pricing. Easily add and price custom items all from the same intuitive screen your employees already know. Even exceptions are easy to handle with the Enlite POS software.



Damage, Stains and Pictures

Share pictures of garment issues with your customers

Not every item Drycleaners receive is in perfect condition. Sometimes these issues aren’t noticed until after your customer leaves. Quickly register damage on individual items and take pictures so you can show your customers. Enlite POS stores this information with the ticket so that it is easy to find and share. The software allows you to take multiple pictures with your phone or tablet.


Use HeatSeal barcodes to optimize your operation

Painlessly register barcodes to garment items and customers on the fly. The Enlite POS software allows you to scan the code and select the garment type it belongs to all while ringing up your customer. Once registered, just scan the barcode again to bring up the customer and their information. What is typically a tedious process is done with ease so Drycleaners can focus on the drycleaning process instead of wrestling with software.