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Features That Work for You

Manage your dry cleaner in real time

With the leading dry cleaning pos system, Enlite POS, you can view reports, manage your employees, and track daily volume from any device with internet connectivity. The flexibility of a true cloud based dry cleaning pos software gives you the flexibility to work remotely while keeping your data secure and backed up.



Detail garments with lightning speed

One of the favorite aspects of Enlite dry cleaning POS for many of our dry cleaners is the detail invoice screen. This screen allows a dry cleaning operation to easily detail any garment, including color, brand, and material without switching screens. These modifiers are completely customizable and allow dry cleaners to place upcharges and record different types of stains and/or damages.

Personalize your billing

With Enlite, you have remote access to real-time reports so you can monitor your business from any internet-enabled device. Need to make a pricing change? Enlite allows quick & easy pricing schedule updates across all devices. With enhanced security and end-to-end encryption, you can rest easy know that your data is secure.



Introducing LARA

(LED Assisted Rapid Assembly)

LARA, is the latest innovation in dry cleaning point of sale. Our patented LED technology has made it possible for dry cleaners to quickly assemble orders without having to invest in an automated conveyor system.

Weekly store snapshot

Throughout our dry cleaning software, you will often see a weekly calendar showing your dry cleaner’s total production. This calendar allows dry cleaners to quickly see and manage their workload as well as how many pieces are ready for pickup.



Manage routes and delivery with ease

With the Enite POS Routing and Delivery module, managing routes and route customers has never been easier. Dry cleaners can now easily set up routes, recurring and one-time stops and print manifests. Empower drivers with the Driver Mobile app providing turn-by-turn direction and real-time updates about route progress.

Keep customers returning with your own customer loyalty app

Getting new customers can cost an average of 5 times more than keeping an existing customer. Our dry cleaning POS integrates seamlessly with Enlite’s customer loyalty mobile app to help dry cleaners engage directly with their customers.