How to choose a POS system

For any business, from small shops to chain restaurants, a point of sale (POS) system is essential to keep operations running smoothly. The right POS system can make your business grow and prosper, while the wrong one will do exactly the opposite. When the shopping experience of your customer is positive, they are more likely to return, and having an effective POS system can certainly make a difference.

Choosing a POS system is one of the most important decisions that business owners will have to do, but with so many options available, it might be hard to know exactly what to look for. This article will help you identify what your needs are for your business and what features you want your POS system to have.

1. Customer Service

As a business owner, your number one priority will always be your customers and how to improve their experience. This means that even during the busiest times of the year, there should be no delays in processing their payment. Look for a POS system that is designed for that. For example, Enlite POS, which is specifically designed for dry cleaners, has a “Quick ticket” option that can be used when the customer is pressed for time.

Another thing to consider is looking for a POS system that integrates loyalty programs, which keep your customers engaged with your business long term.

2. Customization

A few years ago, most businesses were forced to tailor their operations around the functionalities of the POS system they chose, since customized solutions were too expensive. Nowadays, many POS systems have built-in customization options, and many providers, like DARK POS, have created POS systems for specific industries, with different features that are needed in each industry.

3. Scalability

Most business owners plan on expanding their business and have multiple locations. It would be a problem if your POS system isn’t designed to grow with your business. Search for a POS system that offers features to help you manage multiple locations in one place, including features that let you make changes and updates to all of your systems at once.

4. Usability

A POS system should be easy to learn and a pleasure to use. It should offer an intuitive interface and make it simple for you to manage the setup process yourself, as well as train employees to use it. From the beginning, any task that the POS system offers should feel easy to accomplish.

Take advantage of demos that POS systems offer, and compare features that are important for your business.

5. Support

Hopefully, customer support for your POS system won’t be something you will need often. But if you do, you want to have the best possible experience. Someone should always be available to answer your questions within a reasonable amount of time, and not receiving support might result in loss of sales for you. When researching POS systems, keep customer support in mind, and see which ones provide it 24/7, whether by phone, email or livechat.


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